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distro people:

i am swayed to make more copies of my zine, hello alabama. several of you have mentioned wanting/needing to re-up.

therefore, i will make more copies. before i do so, however, i need to know how many copies people are interested in so that i can make the appropriate number as opposed to guessing.

so, if you are a distro who currently sells my zine, would like to sell my zine, etc. please let me know how many copies you would like to order.

thanks for your support.

your perfect social justice syllabus

ok feminist friendly friends. i am seeking your input. here's the story:

part of one of my new jobs this semester is working to help set up a class syllabus and curriculum for a class that will be taught here next fall. i believe they are framing it as a women's leadership class, but they will be examining feminism and social justice movements with a focus on the following concepts: women's suffrage/feminism (all kinds), civil rights, lgbtqi issues, child care, disability, and immigration.

i have decided to use two required texts so far that i think are helpful in expounding upon a lot of these issues and/or framing the understanding of concepts of oppression and movements for social justice. the first book is Readings for Diversity and Social Justice: An Anthology on Racism, Antisemitism, Sexism, Heterosexism, Ableism, and Classism. the table of contents is here and looks pretty promising.

the second text will be bell hooks' feminism is for everybody.

between these two texts, there is a lot of great information, including essays that i wrote down while going through my own gender studies/interdisciplinary studies books and materials. i am recommending more essays that are not in the textbooks (such as audre lorde's the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house, peggy mcintosh's unpacking the invisible knapsack, and more). however, there are certainly holes that need to be filled, especially as far as i'm concerned with respect to immigration.

while i am making use of the extensive library of the women's resource center here, going over other texts that have relevant essays and material, using the library's databases, and i have an ongoing list of added articles that i think should be considered, i want to know:

what do you folks, as social justice oriented people, think should also be included?

this could be a book, article, concept, etc. more information about the class: it will be an honor's level course, no more than 15 students, some may be completely new to these concepts.

i want to know what you consider indispensable and essential in your education (self or otherwise) of these issues and concepts?

the person who has asked me to compile this information has said she wanted me to sort of tease out some of the "stars" of these movements, but i don't feel right about that. i want the readings to reflect the ideas of collectivism, dissent within dissident groups, diverging opinions and stances, and overall inclusion of everyone in these fights. i'm recommending putting a lot of emphasis on intersectionality and the concepts of interlocking and overlapping oppressions.

i'm not asking you all to do my work for me, believe me, i'm quite enmeshed in this process for more than 10 hours every week, however, i turn to you as people who could offer something i haven't thought of or don't know about. please let me know your ideas, opinions, resources, preferences, etc.

please and thanks.

Jan. 11th, 2010

R.I.P. M.M.

i hadn't seen you in years but you were always in my heart.

hello alabama zine
Originally uploaded by shine_so_cold
new zine, 34 pages with map inserts, hand colored covers. $2.44 (US), $2.75 (Canada), or $2.98 (UK). paypal me at talknrrrdy2me@gmail.com or send well concealed cash to 307 cedar crest/apt c/tuscaloosa, al 35401

just posting this again as i found out the cost of sending to the UK today.

here are the orders that were sent out today:
click clack distro
paper trail distro
black light diner distro
consideration copy for vampire sushi distro
johanna in the uk
sean in ca
ami in ny
rae in ne
rebecca in nc
korinna in ca

holding aside copies for:
jackie in wi
samantha in ct

hello alabama zine

hello alabama zine
Originally uploaded by shine_so_cold
new zine, 34 pages with map inserts, hand colored covers. $2.44 (includes postage in US). paypal me at talknrrrdy2me@gmail.com or send well concealed cash to 307 cedar crest/apt c/tuscaloosa, al 35401

zine mail going out on 11/23/09:

sugene in ca
jessica m. in nc
maranda in ont.
brooke in va
cathy in ca
lou in nc
sara in mo
nyk & mateo in nc
erica in pa
lb in il
nicole in va
ciara in ks
amy leigh in ont.
hannah in nh
josh, jen, and aaron, i need your addresses to send your copies. these are it for now.

if you would like one in the next wave, send me $2.44 (if in US, $2.75 for canadians, i'm working to find out for those in the uk or elsewhere) to my paypal: talknrrrdy2me@gmail.com.

proof for andrea

proof for andrea
Originally uploaded by shine_so_cold
this is proof for rainingfish that rascal is a happily adjusted inside/outside cat right now.

this is him on our front stoop. usually he likes to go hide on the corner in this clump of bushes or walk around the perimeter of the apartment building.

sometimes he comes running back inside like there's something chasing him.

on the downside though, he cries to go out a lot now. it's really effing annoying.


conversation with jarrett

me complaining about needing to get my haircut:

me: i mean, i'm really simple about my hair.
him: no you're not. you fuss with it all the time.
me: i guess.
him: you own a flat iron, you are not simple about your hair.


The Lt. Gov. of Mississippi tells girls to be good, abstinent Christians. This was in response to a lawsuit from the ACLU over a state-sponsored abstinence rally where students chanted "Stop! Don't touch me there! This is my no-no square!"

no no square???

see the gits movie...NOW

currently watching the gits documentary for free. you can too:


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