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uncool before it was cool

reluctant bridge-burner
this is me

burn down the disco/hang the blessed dj/cause the music they constantly play/says nothing to me about my life...

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it's an invasion/of my privacy/i won't take dictation on/what's inside of me/my body's the one thing/only i can own/find yourself a new cause/leave me the hell alone - clabberhag (from privacy fight song)

If feminism is a movement to end sexist oppression and depriving females of reproductive rights is a form of sexist oppression, then one cannot be anti-choice and be feminist. A woman can insist she would never choose to have an abortion while affirming her support of the right of women to choose and still be an advocate of feminist politics. She cannot be anti-abortion and an advocate of feminism. -- bell hooks

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survival never goes out of style
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